How DaanaKarma works

DaanaKarma service

Daankakarma Service(Seva)

We are a non-profit organization “DaanaKarma” in the practice of cultivating generosity. We channel the form of giving to an individual in distress or need thru our commitment for a zero cost to us.

We do not charge any fee nor request any for help to maintain our organization and resources.

We are a channel for the act of giving something. We plan to bring in most of charitable organizations and firms who do provide help and it is not reached to the general public who are in need of something.

Daana : giving, often in the context of donation and charity

Daana Team

Daana team provide their time to help the community. Our team helps us in being a non profit and free service to the organization. We pride ourselves as being a free platform and expect to grow with various members from different countries.

Rama Kumar
Rama KumarGlobal Philanthropist
SaradaSupport Staff
Ravindra T
Ravindra TAndhra Pradesh Coordinator
Andhra Pradesh Senior Contributor
AlexSupport Staff
AparnaSupport Staff
India - West coordinator
karnaSupport Staff
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